Music Player

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Music Player is a scripting plugin for Unity that allows for easy playing of music in your projects.

It lets you configure playlists, for example for different parts of your game or different levels, and easily change between these at appropriate times. For example by having one playlist for the main menu, and a different one in game.

It is also possible to create playlists at runtime, if your audio clips are not available when you are editing or you are downloading the music at runtime.

Playlists can be played in order or shuffled, and tracks can be disabled. This can let users choose which tracks they want to hear.


First, a Music Player should be added to the scene. This is done with the menu option GameObject --> Audio --> Music Player. This will create a GameObject named MusicPlayer in the scene, with an AudioSource component and a MusicPlayer component.

It is possible to have several music players in a single scene, for example if you want to use them as positional (3D) audio sources. The most common scenario would however be to have just one, and then route the output of the AudioSource component to an Audio Mixer.

Once you have created a Music Player, you can set up playlists and tracks in its inspector. Set the Play on Awake option if you want it to automatically play the first playlist on start.

Once you have set up the playlists as you wish, use the public methods on the Music Player to control playback. These are Play, Stop, Pause, UnPause, Next and Previous.

For further information, see the included User Guide and API Reference manuals.


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