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This is a small editor extension for Unity for quickly and easily selecting the parent of an object.

The parent object, or the root object can easily be selected with a hotkey.

Also included is a component you can add to a gameobject that will automatically select its parent when you try to select it.

This is useful when you for example have a hierarchy with a scene selectable object as a child, when you don't want to move this object in local space but instead always move its parent.


In the editor, you can always press Alt+P or Alt+Shift+P to select either the parent, or the root gameobject of your current selection.

You can also add the component found under Component -> Select Parent -> Always Select My Parent, or just add the AlwaysSelectMyParent.cs script to an object. Since you sometimes will want to select these objects anyway, toggle the functionality from the Edit -> Always Select Parent menu. You can also toggle it on and off using the hotkey Alt+Shift+Control+P.


Key Function
Alt+P Select Parent
Alt+Shift+P Select Root
Alt+Shift+Control+P Toggle Always Select Parent

On Mac, substitute Alt with Option and Control with Command.


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