Transform Utilities

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Transform Utilities is a set of utilities for the Unity editor that allows you to easily nudge, rotate, flip and snap objects to a grid using keyboard shortcuts, or editor buttons. The grid can have independent scaling along each axis.

The grid can also be drawn in the scene view, each of XZ, YZ and YX grids can be shown independently and have a custom color.

Note that the grid and snap functions are independent of Unitys internal grid and snap.



In the menu, open the TransformUtil window under Edit -> TransformUtil -> Open Window.

The Preferences tab will allow you to change the behaviour of the utilities, and the Controls tab contains buttons to nudge, rotate, flip and snap.

As any other Unity window, this can be docked anywhere in your editor.

All controls can also be activated from the menu, where you can also see the keyboard shortcut assigned to the function.

Note that the grid and snap functions are independent of Unitys internal grid and snap, and that control+mouse still uses Unitys internal grid and not the one provided by Transform Utilities (you can however in most cases set the Unity grid to be of equal size).


The default keyboard shortcuts are as follows:

Key Function
Alt+I Nudge Z
Alt+K Nudge -Z
Alt+L Nudge X
Alt+J Nudge -X
Alt+Shift+I Nudge Y
Alt+Shift+K Nudge -Y
Alt+, Snap XYZ
Alt+O Yaw Right
Alt+U Yaw Left
Alt+Shift+O Pitch Up
Alt+Shift+U Pitch Down
Alt+Control+O Roll Right
Alt+Control+U Roll Left
Alt+R Reset Rotation
Alt+Control+L Flip X
Alt+Control+I Flip Y
Alt+Control+K Flip Z

On Mac, substitute Alt with Option and Control with Command.


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